Meet The NH News Team, the #1 most influential Latino multimedia site in New Hampshire, is under the ownership and leadership of nationally recognized journalist and media advocate, Hugo Balta. Balta serves as owner and publisher of the online site created to provide professional, journalistic coverage for and about New Hampshire’s fastest growing population group- Latinos.

The Latino population makes up just 4% of New Hampshire, yet the population is growing rapidly. Despite its growth, the Latino community of New Hampshire is still lacking any sites dedicated to them. Recognizing the large gap in news coverage, Hugo Balta decided to expand the Latino News Network into this region.

Latino News Network (or LNN) is composed of and its sister publications, and What began with just, has now blossomed into a network of the Northeast, making up for the lack of coverage of underserved communities across this portion of the country. 

Balta and his team have a passion for bringing voices to the voiceless and reinventing the media landscape of dominantly white states. He is focused on ensuring the Latino community of New Hampshire has a site they can trust to report on issues that matter most to the community. 

Balta, a two-time president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists describes his work at NHLatinoNews as focused and going beyond the one-dimensional storylines about Latinos often portrayed in mass media. NHLatinoNews strives to be a trusted voice in the Latino community of New Hampshire. 

Balta plans to continue to expand the news outlet to include multimedia reporting in English and Spanish, and explore partnerships that promote similar focused strategies in other key markets across the country.



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