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After an Anxiety-Filled Year, I’m So Relieved to Be Fully Vaccinated

I think everyone can agree that the last year has been, to put it bluntly, the absolute worst. For months the whole world has been gripped by a deadly virus that refuses to go away and people who refuse to take it seriously. But after more than a year of mental health struggles, crippling uncertainty, and loss, we now have a glimmer of hope that the pandemic will be (somewhat) overcome. 

The Biden administration has been aggressive in its mission to get vaccines into people’s arms. This has resulted in more than 100 million people in the U.S. receiving one of the three COVID-19 vaccines being offered in the country. Now I’m happy to say that as of April 30, I’m one of those people. 

In my latest personal essay for Pero Make It Newsy, I delve into the extreme anxiety I’ve felt during the year-long pandemic and the relief of finally being fully vaccinated. 

“It’s exciting to see family and friends getting their COVID-19 vaccines and working towards a return to normalcy. I’ve already started making plans with friends I’ve barely seen since the pandemic began and members of the book club I belong to have discussed meeting in person,” I write. 

“But along with the excitement, there’s also a lot of frustration, particularly towards people who outright refuse to get the vaccine or do any of the other things we need to do to curb the spread of COVID.”

The new issue of the Latina-curated newsletter also features news highlighting the tragic femicides of two young Puerto Ricans on the island and a new phenomenon that’s seeing single women get pregnant from in vitro fertilization (IVF).

As always, readers can check out this week’s issue at Pero Make It Newsy. Be sure to sign up to receive new articles and newsletters sent straight to your inbox. 

Publisher’s Note: NHLN and Pero Make It Newsy are partners in best serving the Hispanic, Latino, Latinx community of the Granite State.

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