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New Hampshire is among the states with fastest increase of Hispanics-Latinos in the nation.

Research finds states with the fastest Hispanic-Latino population growth tend to have a relatively small number of them. The Granite State is home to nearly 40,000 Hispanics-Latinos; a 48-percent increase since 2010.

But how has the increase impacted the state? HomeSnacks came up with a “Top Ten” list of most popular cities Hispanics-Latinos call home.

Nashua in Hillsborough County takes the top spot. Nearly 13-percent of the population of more than 88,000 are Hispanics-Latinos.

Not far behind is Manchester, the most populous city in New Hampshire with 111,657 resident; nearly 10-percent of them are Hispanic-Latino.

At number three, Hispanics-Latinos call Berlin home – the city along the Androscoggin River. They make up nearly 6-percent of the total population.

Lebanon and Franklin round up the top 5 most poplar New Hampshire cities for Hispanics-Latinos with 5 and 3-percent of the city’s population, respectively.

The first group of Latinos to immigrate to New Hampshire in large numbers were Uruguayans, who came to work in the textile mills. According to the report, in recent years, many Puerto Ricans and Dominican have moved to the state along with a growing group of Mexicans lured by jobs in the construction, landscaping and service industries – and there is a smattering of immigrants from places like Honduras, Brazil, and Venezuela across the state.

The U.S. Census Bureau finds that Hispanics, Latinos reached a record 60.6 million in 2019, up 930,000 over the previous year and up from 50.7 million in 2010. Still, population growth among this group has slowed as the annual number of births to Hispanic, Latino women have declined and immigration has decreased.