Maribel Duran named Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations in the Office of the Secretary

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced this week the names of individuals who will hold senior staff positions in Washington, D.C., among them Maribel Duran a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University SNHU.

Duran was the first Latina board trustee at Southern New Hampshire University, a New America Latino National Security and Foreign Policy Next Generation Leader, and a Center for American Progress U.S.-Mexico Leaders Initiative Member.

Maribel Duran poses with her daughter and son after graduating from SNHU in 2016.
Photo Credit: NH Business Review

The daughter of Mexican immigrants spoke to SNHU about the benefit of her education experience, as it allows her to communicate an honest message about the power of education and why completing her degree was so important. As she talks to groups across the country, Duran is quick to share her story – that of a single mother of two, who had been to three other universities before enrolling in an online program at Southern New Hampshire University – and how she managed to navigate her way to success. “It made me more relatable,” she said. “Being a single mom and working is a challenge. You have to discipline yourself.”

Previously, Duran served eight years in the Obama Administration, first as Special Assistant to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, then as Chief of Staff for the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, and ultimately as Chief of Staff for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

She recently served as Managing Director for Equity and Inclusion for the Aspen Institute, as well as Chief of Staff for its Leadership Division.

From 2018-2019, she was co-chair of the Institute’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Duran began her career at the Chicago Public Schools.


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  1. This is the most recent text I sent to Maribel Duran.

    “I have an issue. You have trained our daughter to follow a call schedule outside of the court order. But yet you don’t enforce it. And I don’t want to call Emma to remind her that we have a call. Because you have trained her to tell me that I am “spam calling” her repeatedly. I only called her twice this past Tuesday 1 hour after the schedule you created. I don’t need to hear I’m spamming our daughter. I also don’t need to tell our daughter I am working or I have to work. Then Emma tells me I don’t have a real job because I am just an Uber driver. It is highly disrespectful and you are ok with this. Because you tell her this or someone close to you does. She will never know that I am an Uber driver because it’s the only job I can have where I can take time to see her and deal with endless court dates. You don’t follow your own rules and the court order. I can’t trust you will agree to our dates after the status hearing. Therefore I have decided you will have to be held accountable for your actions. I will seek my original weekends from the judge. If not granted by the judge we can fall back on the pseudo agreement we created, that you won’t follow either and yes. As stated I will escalate and call the police for records if you keep visitation as you have been.

    With that said I am talking with lawyers. Not for family law, but civil and criminal. You falsified an arrest warrant. You stated you were in fear of murder, rape and assault. But yet told a judge there was no record of such action and you did not fear me capable. Then there’s the defamation I will tie to it along with the stress, pain and suffering I have endured. You can’t say you were a victim, abused and a survivor with proof. When in actuality you have physically hurt me in the past. Even though you don’t call me out by name, your email to a teacher verified your intentions. I won’t spend my money on a family lawyer, but a criminal/civil one. Things will now begin to escalate. I still continue to hope and pray you will do the right thing. But our daughter stated she is watching your YouTube videos online, and I will seek to have them removed along with the extent of all penalties granted.”

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