New Hampshire among the states with fastest increase of Hispanics

Hugo Balta


The U.S. Hispanic, Latino population surpassed 60 million in 2019, but growth has slowed, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

The U.S. Census Bureau finds that Hispanics, Latinos reached a record 60.6 million in 2019, up 930,000 over the previous year and up from 50.7 million in 2010. Still, population growth among this group has slowed as the annual number of births to Hispanic, Latino women have declined and immigration has decreased.

Research finds states with the fastest Hispanic, Latino population growth tend to have a relatively small number of them. New Hampshire (48% increase from 2010) had a Hispanic, Latino population of less than 80,000 in 2019.

Between 2010 and 2019, the Hispanic, Latino share of the total U.S. population increased from 16% to 18%. The group accounted for about half (52%) of all U.S. population growth over this period. They are the country’s second-largest racial or ethnic group, behind white non-Hispanics – a statistic that does not go unnoticed by Democrats and Republicans.

Hispanics, Latinos make up 3.9% of the New Hampshire population

The Pew Research Center reports that 32 million Latinos will be eligible to vote in 2020. Hispanics, Latinos make up 2.2 percent of the electorate in New Hampshire, and more than half of those people are eligible to vote. As a small minority, they need high turn out if they want their voices to be heard.

But Hispanics, Latinos are focused more on the immediate COVID-19 concerns and its effect on their livelihood. The economic impact of the pandemic has led to soaring unemployment rates among Hispanics, Latinos reports The Hill.

According to a new survey by Voter Participation Center and Voto Latino found that only 46 percent of Hispanic, Latino respondents nationwide say they are extremely motivated and enthusiastic about voting in November. That’s bad news for the Democrats; low voter turnout among Hispanics, Latinos would deal a blow to former Vice President Joe Biden in key battleground states.

In the 2020 election, Trump seems likely to get between 25%-30% of the Latino vote, reports USA Today. A recent poll by Telemundo found that 1 in 4 American Latinos would vote to re-elect him. 

In 2016, according to exit polls, Trump got 28% of the Latino vote