NHLN+: Frank Edelblut

Hugo Balta


Description of the video: 

Welcome to NHLN Opinion+, our new weekly program that is dedicated to discussing the concerns and opinions of New Hampshire’s Latino community!

This week we spoke to Commissioner Frank Edelblut of the New Hampshire Department of Education on online accessibility and in-person school safety among Latino students, the state’s new free college-prep program, and a $1 million grant designed to help English language learning families during the ongoing pandemic. 

The NH x Freshman Year for Free program is currently active, high school students within the state have the opportunity to enroll in free online courses taught by experienced professors and take essentially any major College Level Examination Program (CLEP) free of charge. Commissioner Edelblut said the state’s Department of Education is excited about the partnership with Modern States as it will greatly benefit students and families in New Hampshire. 

Commissioner Edelblut also spoke about two potential programs that would come from a recent $1 million grant: “Porch Support” and “Family Support”. These resources will be aimed towards helping English-language learning families who might face more difficulty in digitally supporting their students with acclimating to remote learning.

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