NHLN Opinion+: Commissioner Taylor Caswell, Dept. of Business & Economic Affairs

Hugo Balta


Description of the video: 

Abigail Arredondo, CTLN Community Manager speaks with Commissioner Beth Bye

Welcome to the first episode of NHLN Opinion+! We are excited to launch a weekly program dedicated to discussing the concerns and opinions of New Hampshire’s Latino community.

On our first episode of NHLN Opinion+, we spoke with Commissioner Taylor Caswell of the New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs on the short term and long term impacts of the pandemic on the New Hampshire economy. 

The poverty rate for Black and Hispanic individuals stands at 26 percent, in contrast to 12 percent for white residents. We also discussed what resources are available for people of color seeking employment and solutions for small and Latino-owned businesses to survive the pandemic.  

Resources mentioned in the video:

  • This week, New Hampshire launched a new business support program funding opportunity available for all communities called the Main Street Relief Fund. Visit Goferr.nh.gov for information about the program and support for how to walk through the application. Applications are available now through October 30th at https://www.goferr.nh.gov/mainstree. Have any questions? Get them answered here: https://www.goferr.nh.gov/questions  
  • Interested more in the New Hampshire tourism industry? Find out more at: https://www.visitnh.gov/

Need help finding a job still? Find an upcoming virtual job fair to attend at https://business.nh.gov/nhesjobfair/ or check the state available jobs portal at https://business.nh.gov/NHESJobSearch/.

(Photo credit: Business NH Magazine)