NHLN Opinion+: Joseph Ribsam

Hugo Balta

Description of the video:  

Welcome to NHLN Opinion+, our weekly program that is dedicated to discussing the concerns and opinions of New Hampshire’s Latino community! 

This week we spoke to the Director of the Division for Children, Youth & Families Joseph Ribsam about the pandemic’s greatest impacts on its operations, recent trends within collected data, and DCYF’s first Procurement Forecast.  

Director Ribsam shared how DCYP has conducted in-depth research to identify models that have shown to successfully support children and families nationally. He explained that the state has not had the opportunity to build new services within the past few years, but with recent governmental support, the Division now has funds to set up the models outlined in the first Procurement Forecast. Learn more about the specifics of these upcoming services in this week’s episode and through the resources below. 

Resources mentioned in the video: 

  • The Child & Family Wellbeing Guide: 

(English) https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dcyf/documents/family-wellbeing-during-covid-19.pdf 

(Spanish) https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dcyf/documents/family-wellbeing-during-covid-19-sp.pdf