NHLN Opinion+: Moira O’Neill

Hugo Balta


Description of the video: 

In this week’s episode of NHLN Opinion+, we speak to Director Moira O’Neill of the Office of the Child Advocate on the office’s expanded access to information across the state, the importance of early intervention for children in need, and the impacts of COVID-19 on the office’s daily operations.  

The Office has used its new access to information across New Hampshire to monitor state-wide or community-wide trends to determine what types of resources and policy changes would greatly benefit children and their families, Director O’Neill explained. The Office implements these reforms through its continual policy work.

Director O’Neill talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic has forced group homes and residential treatment centers to close to visits and how it has complicated schools’ abilities to recognize suspected abuse or neglect among students. The Office is focused on finding long-term solutions to meet children’s needs while protecting them from the virus. 

Resources mentioned in the video:

Learn more about the Office of the Child Advocate at: https://childadvocate.nh.gov/